MIPS Subject Matter Experts


Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), is one of the tracks under the Quality Payment Program, which moves Medicare Part B providers to a performance-based payment system.

QCS has a history of clinical healthcare with IT experience with a  proven record of success in all  MIPS reporting categories.                    

Promoting Interoperability

Quality Measures, 

Improvement Activities and Cost. 

Please click the link to the QPP for more information on MIPS Reporting.

Optimization of EHR Systems


Quality Clinical Solutions will provide a comprehensive plan that reflects the most efficient workflows to  optimize your EHR system, capturing the required information to fulfill each of the categories and objectives for  successful MIPS reporting.  

We provide training both onsite and written workflows. Our goal is to provide a plan the ensure excellent patient care, better outcomes and lower cost.  

EHR Implementation and Upgrades


Quality Clinical Solutions  provide clients with ongoing education, and report monitoring.

 QCS possesses knowledge of multiple EHR systems.  Our consultants can assist  with the implementation of new EHR systems as well as upgrades to current systems and transitions form one EHR system to another.  

QCS consultants can provide the necessary steps to ensure  a successful plan, from commencement  to  project completion.